Tuesday, July 10, 2012

IT. IS. DONE!!!!!!

If you've been following the comic, then you don't have to be told that this story has been years (and years, and years, and years!) in the making! But now, at long last, I bring to an official end the story of Tetsuko's "origin". (Although the real end of the story was the previous page; this page serves mainly to tease the next issue.)

This page is notable for another reason, as well: it's the first complete page I've done using mostly Manga Studio EX 4. (I used Photoshop for coloring and lettering, but MS for the layout and drawing.) I've had MS on my system for some years now, but was reluctant to begin using it; the incredible capabilities of this program gave me reason to fear a steep learning curve. But now that I've used it for a full page, it's looking like an application that can serve most if not all my digital illustration needs.

(I did coloring and lettering in Photoshop to save some time; I still have to learn how to do color in MS, and I was anxious to get the page finished and posted.)

Now, I plan to start on Tetsuko #3. That, however,  will take some rewriting of the story I originally had planned, because of a realization I recently came to about a major character, whom I had acting in a way I came to recognize would be totally out of character.

So I can't say when the first page of #3 will appear; but I'll be working this time to keep from taking nine years to finish it!

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Monday, June 25, 2012

Oops, I did it again...

...posted TCCs for June at my deviantART page, and forgot to update here!

Well, that won't happen this month! Just finished posting TCCs for July, and posting links to them here!

TCC July 2012 16:9

by *DavidCMatthews on deviantART

TCC July 2012 4:3

by *DavidCMatthews on deviantART

...and if you still want the TCCs for June, you can find them in my deviantART gallery!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Honor the fallen heroes

Please take a moment, this Memorial Day, to read this article by John Hayward at Human Events.

A short sample:
We are at war because liberty is an intolerable provocation against tyranny. Freedom is born in battle. A million different commands to kneel have rolled through human ears. Some crash down like thunder. Others are seductive promises, delivered with gentle whispers, which betray little hint of the angry demands that will inevitably follow. Liberty has but one call, and it cannot sing in harmony with those other voices. They are well aware of its power. All tyrants fear the day their people answer the call… the day their Minutemen appear. They naturally prefer silence, so their commands can be heard clearly.

But, as they say, Read The Whole Thing.

Monday, April 30, 2012

April art roundup

Well, I didn't mean to post all the notices of new DCM art in one post; but that's how it seems to have worked out, due to the fact that I kinda forgot to post notices here whenever I finished a piece. So anyway, here's the art I've done since the last update (April 2, 2012):

1. This drawing is NSFW, so I can't post a preview image here. (Well, if I did, it'd just show up as a "forbidden" symbol.) But here's a new nude image of the world's sexiest scientist, Dr. Sonya Gannon.

2. Here's the first of two new desktop/wallpapers in the TCC (Tetsuko Cosplay Calendar) series. Tet-chan dons the costume of Star Wars: The Clone Wars's breakout character, Ahsoka Tano:

TCC May 2012-A 16:9

by *dcmatthews on deviantART

TCC May 2012-A 4:3

by *dcmatthews on deviantART

3. Here's the illo I'd intended to be the second April TCC (the humorous "April Fool's" entry), but didn't get finished in time. Tetsuko as the Marvel comics superheroine, Squirrel Girl!

TCC May 2012-B 16:9

by *dcmatthews on deviantART

TCC May 2012-B 4:3

by *dcmatthews on deviantART

4. Then, after I finished the two TCCs for May, I pulled out a drawing I'd started several months ago, and decided to finish it.

Tetsuko breaking chains

by *dcmatthews on deviantART

And also a "non-chain" version:

Tetsuko rear bicep flex

by *dcmatthews on deviantART

Monday, April 02, 2012

Two new pages of Tetsuko!

...and I'm tempted to call these the final pages of Tetsuko #2, because with these pages the story of Tetsuko's transformation into the super-muscle-babe we know and love is done.

But I do want to add two more pages, to set up the story coming in Tetsuko #3, "Shopping Nightmare - The Klebold Project!" Of course, when I do finish those pages, I'll let you know here.

Oh, yeah, the links to the new pages: At DCM Studios Online, or at Tetsuko's own site. (As always, some panels may be NSFW.)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

First of 2 TCCs for April

Just finished and posted (at my deviantART site) the first of what will be (I hope) two Tetsuko Cosplay Calendars (TCC) for April. Tetsuko cosplays the "Wonder Woman of the Phillipines", Mars Ravelo's Darna:

TCC April 2012 - A 16:9

by *dcmatthews on deviantART

TCC April 2012-A 4:3

by *dcmatthews on deviantART

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Has it been THAT long??? (again?)

So I'm getting ready to post notice of a new TCC (Tetsuko Cosplay Calendar) for March, when I see that I haven't updated this blog since January 6?! Dang! That means I never posted the February TCCs either! Or any of the other art I've done since then...

I gots some catching up to do!

First, though, for the new stuff: a TCC (in the usual two sizes, 1920 x 1080 (16:9) and 1600 x 1200 (4:3)) for March 2012, featuring Tetsuko and her best bud Sonya both as the popular DC Comics character Catwoman:

TCC March 2012 - 16:9

by *dcmatthews on deviantART

TCC March 2012 - 4:3

by *dcmatthews on deviantART

Plus, I'd done two different TCCs for February: one featuring a new comics superheroine making her debut this month:

TCC February 2012 - A 16:9

by *dcmatthews on deviantART

TCC February 2012 - A 4:3

by *dcmatthews on deviantART

...and one wherein Tetsuko cosplays an actual living person - the WWE wrestling diva Beth Phoenix:

TCC February 2012 - B 16:9

by *dcmatthews on deviantART

TCC February 2012 - B 4:3

by *dcmatthews on deviantART

PLus, I'd contributed drawings to the monthly themes for deviantART's Female Muscle club. January's theme was "Hollywood Muscle": draw a muscular version of a favorite actress or movie character. So here's my take on a buffed Marilyn Monroe:

Hollywood Muscle - Marilyn

by *dcmatthews on deviantART

February's Theme: "Middle Earth Muscle". The challenge here: a muscular rendition of a female character from epic fantasy, more specifically J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings. Well, since my favorite female character from Tolkien is Eowyn, I decided to capture the moment in Return of the King where the blonde shield-maiden of Rohan beheads the flying steed of the Nazgul (wearing a costume I'm sure neither Tolkien nor Peter Jackson ever envisioned...)

Eowyn - Middle Earth Muscle

by *dcmatthews on deviantART

And I'll try not to make you wait this long again for an update!