Monday, April 30, 2012

April art roundup

Well, I didn't mean to post all the notices of new DCM art in one post; but that's how it seems to have worked out, due to the fact that I kinda forgot to post notices here whenever I finished a piece. So anyway, here's the art I've done since the last update (April 2, 2012):

1. This drawing is NSFW, so I can't post a preview image here. (Well, if I did, it'd just show up as a "forbidden" symbol.) But here's a new nude image of the world's sexiest scientist, Dr. Sonya Gannon.

2. Here's the first of two new desktop/wallpapers in the TCC (Tetsuko Cosplay Calendar) series. Tet-chan dons the costume of Star Wars: The Clone Wars's breakout character, Ahsoka Tano:

TCC May 2012-A 16:9

by *dcmatthews on deviantART

TCC May 2012-A 4:3

by *dcmatthews on deviantART

3. Here's the illo I'd intended to be the second April TCC (the humorous "April Fool's" entry), but didn't get finished in time. Tetsuko as the Marvel comics superheroine, Squirrel Girl!

TCC May 2012-B 16:9

by *dcmatthews on deviantART

TCC May 2012-B 4:3

by *dcmatthews on deviantART

4. Then, after I finished the two TCCs for May, I pulled out a drawing I'd started several months ago, and decided to finish it.

Tetsuko breaking chains

by *dcmatthews on deviantART

And also a "non-chain" version:

Tetsuko rear bicep flex

by *dcmatthews on deviantART

Monday, April 02, 2012

Two new pages of Tetsuko!

...and I'm tempted to call these the final pages of Tetsuko #2, because with these pages the story of Tetsuko's transformation into the super-muscle-babe we know and love is done.

But I do want to add two more pages, to set up the story coming in Tetsuko #3, "Shopping Nightmare - The Klebold Project!" Of course, when I do finish those pages, I'll let you know here.

Oh, yeah, the links to the new pages: At DCM Studios Online, or at Tetsuko's own site. (As always, some panels may be NSFW.)