Tuesday, October 05, 2010


I've received enough feedback from visitors to take the next step in cleaning up my site. If you haven't yet e-mailed with a site warning (or lack thereof), no need to now. THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your cooperation!

Interestingly, most of the reports I've received report no problems, no malware. Only Norton SafeWeb shows any problems; so I've opened an account with them and asked for a re-evaluation of the site. It'll probably be awhile before they get back with me with a report.

(I wonder, do you have to be a user of Norton Antivirus to get the report some of my readers are getting? Because I'm not getting any warnings at all. When my site was first hacked several months ago, Google warned everyone who visited that there was malware. But Google now says they don't find any.)

Anyway, I'll keep you posted, and if you're not getting any warnings of viruses or malware, I'm assuming my site is safe to use.

Monday, October 04, 2010

A favor, please

I'm still getting reports from some of the visitors to this site that they're getting virus warnings. However, Google has found no malware on my site as of this evening (Oct. 4, 2010). (After the first reports some months ago of viruses on my site, I joined Google's Webmaster program which gave me some valuable advice on how to get rid of the malware. I checked with the Webmaster control panel just this evening, and it reports no malware.)

Now, maybe Google's search of my site missed something that others are detecting - most of the reports I'm getting mention Norton - and that's info I'd like to have when I contact my webhost again. So I'd like for you to do me a favor, if you will:

If you've received a warning about viruses on my site, can you send me an e-mail about it, and include a link (if any) to the report itself? My email is DMatthews -at- cfl -dot- rr -dot- com. (Hate to make you jump through the hoop of replacing the -at- and -dot-s with the appropriate symbol, but, well, you know how the Web can be sometimes...)

I'd really appreciate any info anyone can give me about whatever malware's still on my site.

(If you're a member at deviantART, you'll be seeing this in my journal over there, in which case you can note me with any vrus warnings.)

UPDATE: Should you ever have trouble reaching the main site, you can reach this update blog at http://dcmstudiosonlinenews.blogspot.com - I'll keep you updated on the status of any service outages or other factors (like the hurricanes of a few years ago) that affect access to DCM Studios Online.