Tuesday, July 10, 2012

IT. IS. DONE!!!!!!

If you've been following the comic, then you don't have to be told that this story has been years (and years, and years, and years!) in the making! But now, at long last, I bring to an official end the story of Tetsuko's "origin". (Although the real end of the story was the previous page; this page serves mainly to tease the next issue.)

This page is notable for another reason, as well: it's the first complete page I've done using mostly Manga Studio EX 4. (I used Photoshop for coloring and lettering, but MS for the layout and drawing.) I've had MS on my system for some years now, but was reluctant to begin using it; the incredible capabilities of this program gave me reason to fear a steep learning curve. But now that I've used it for a full page, it's looking like an application that can serve most if not all my digital illustration needs.

(I did coloring and lettering in Photoshop to save some time; I still have to learn how to do color in MS, and I was anxious to get the page finished and posted.)

Now, I plan to start on Tetsuko #3. That, however,  will take some rewriting of the story I originally had planned, because of a realization I recently came to about a major character, whom I had acting in a way I came to recognize would be totally out of character.

So I can't say when the first page of #3 will appear; but I'll be working this time to keep from taking nine years to finish it!

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